Migrate to the Google Sheets Add-on

How to migrate from the old version of the Component Manager to the Google Sheets Add-on in 3 minutes.

What changes with the Add-on?

Since January 2023, the Adobe Analytics Component Manager for Google Sheets is available as an official Google Sheets Add-on in the Google Workspace Marketplace.

This has a lot of benefits:

  • The installation is a lot easier and faster and there are no more scary "unsafe" messages etc.

  • You automatically benefit from updates - no need anymore to manually update the Component Manager to a new version

  • The app is faster as we don't need to do things like version checks with data from a separate spreadsheet every time a function runs

  • Security: your Google Workspace Admins can whitelist this particular app instead of having to give you unrestricted access to any unapproved Apps Script apps

Do I need to migrate?

The old version will keep working until Februar 28 2023. We will not fix bugs or issues there. Migration is easy. Simply follow the steps below:

How to migrate

Migration requires 2 steps:

2. Remove the Apps Script code and Library connection in each of your Component Manager sheets:

I. Go to Extensions -> Apps Script.

II. Delete all code in the Code.gs panel and click the "Save" icon. If you cannot edit or save, make sure you are viewing the page with a Google account that has Editor rights.

III. Under "Libraries", click on the three dots next to "libComponentEditor", and then "Remove".

IV. Reload your Google Sheet. Done.

You will now no longer see the "AA Component Manager" menu on top. Instead, all the Component Manager functions are now under Extensions -> AA Component Manager:

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