Updating the Layout

Want to get the newest Layout? Messed up your sheet? No problem!

What is the Layout Version?

The Component Manager is continuously updated. Sometimes, layout changes are inevitable. Not updating your layout would mean that e.g. the data from Adobe that is written into the sheet will not be written into the correct columns and rows.

The following shows you how you can update your Google Sheet's layout to the newest version with the "Recreate Sheet/Tab" function. This also helps if you have accidentally messed up the layout, e.g. by inserting columns that should not be there.

Manual Layout Update

You can always get the newest layout version by going to

  • "Other -> Recreate Sheet" (for the whole Google Sheet)

  • "Other -> Recreate this Tab" (for the current tab)

If you choose "Recreate Sheet", any contents (columns, comments etc.) you may have added in the standard tabs will be deleted! Tabs that you have added yourself will not be deleted!

However, you will be asked if you want to create a copy of the current sheet (will be in your Google Drive Root folder):

After starting the sheet recreation, do not do anything in the sheet until you see the success message:

You will now have a fully new, fresh, but empty sheet. Run the individual functions (e.g. "Workspaces -> Update Workspace List") to repopulate the sheet with data again.

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