Renew the Adobe Private Key (JWT)

Adobe Private Keys for JWT Credentials expire after one year. Here's how you can renew them.

Adobe JWT Service Account credentials are deprecated and will sunset in early 2025. We recommend that instead of renewing your Private Key, you use the new OAuth V2 method. Migrating is quick and easy.

  1. Select the Project you used to set up the Component Manager initially.

  2. Click on JWT Service Account.

  3. At the bottom, click "Generate a public/private keypair".

  4. A archive is generated and downloaded.

  5. Extract the private.key file from the zip archive and open with a text editor (ideally a tool like Notepad++, Sublime Text or another development-oriented tool)

  6. Copy the entire file content to your clipboard (Windows: STRG + A or Mac: CMD + A), including ----BEGIN PRIVATE KEY--- and ---END PRIVATE KEY---- at the start and end!

  7. In one of your Component Manager Sheets, run "Setup" from the menu.

  8. Click OK for all dialogs until you get to the "Private Key" question. Paste your clipboard content into the field, then click OK.

  1. Click OK in all remaining dialogs until the Setup is started.

  2. Wait 20-30 seconds until you see a confirmation message on the bottom.

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