Configuring Virtual Report Suites

How to make the magic happen around Virtual Report Suites Curated Components in the Adobe Analytics Component Manager for Google Sheets.

You can set up the VRS's your Component Manager should support in the "config" tab in cells A4:B4 and below (column C "Import Sheet Prefix" is no longer needed).

Simply add a row per VRS ID and a "readable name" (will be used in column headers in other sheets).

Important: All VRS's need to have Component Curation enabled and contain at least one Curated Component!

You can find a list of all Report Suite IDs including Virtual Report Suites in the "report_suites" tab. Refresh the list via "Other -> Refresh Report Suites".

After updating the config tab, run "Component Editor -> Reload Components from AA" and "Component Usage -> Update Component Usage Tab".

You will then see Virtual Report Suites-related functionality in the following places:

  • Component Editor: there will be a column for each VRS, and you can now add/remove components to/from one or more VRS's "Curated Components" and define "Curated Names" in bulk

  • Component Usage (all_comp_usage) / Full Components (full_comp_import) tabs: additional columns to the right show if a component is among the Curated Components of a VRS and what its "Curated Name" is there.

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