What is the Component Manager?

Summary of the main functions and advantages of the Adobe Analytics Component Manager for Google Sheets, by Datacroft

Main benefits: Component Curation & Account Usage stats

The Adobe Analytics Component Manager is a Google Sheets Extension that makes your Adobe Analytics admin life a lot easier. It will save you hundreds of hours of tedious admin work, give you a better overview over your setup and improve the experience for your org's users.

While component cleanup and curation are the core features, the Component Manager also gets you account usage stats to track the adoption of AA in your organization, see which users drive it the most, and who has lost interest.

Additionally, there are some useful reporting features, e.g. the Variable Health report which regularly scans all your dimensions and metrics for unexpected trends, or the Report Getter which allows you to get any Workspace report into Google Sheets or CSV - regularly and up to 50k rows per day.

Component Cleanup and Curation

One of the strengths of Adobe Analytics are the many components that can be created quickly for each case, i.e. the workspaces, segments, calculated metrics, date ranges, etc. Flexibility is also a benefit for classic components such as dimensions (eVars/props) and metrics (success events).

But: Managing these components in the AA interface is tedious. Frequent questions:

  • the half-life of most components is short. But which ones can be deleted? Which ones are still needed?

  • Which eVars or success events could we remove from the implementation because nobody uses them?

  • How can we efficiently establish a uniform naming convention?

It is even more difficult if you want to manage components for several virtual report suites, although this approach is the best for acceptance by non-technical users. Too many components also slow down your workspace loading performance.

The Component Manager brings order. Some of the most useful features:

  • Manage & tidy up components according to actual usage

  • See all components and workspaces in one clear Google Sheet, edit or delete them in bulk

  • Replace component A with B automatically (in workspaces, segments and calculated metrics)

  • Add/remove/rename curated components in multiple Virtual Report Suites at once Data Democratization: See if users are using the new components you add

  • Bulk-create/edit eVars, props, Success Events across multiple Report Suites

See the Component Manager in Action:

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