All Components

Understand the tab that gives you a quickly refreshed, compact list of all components.

The full_comp_import (also called "All Components") tab contains a list of all components, but in a more compact way (less columns => fast refresh) than the Component Usage tab (all_comp_usage). The "Component Viewer" (part of the Component Editor tab) reads from this tab and displays some of its columns.

Benefits of the full_comp_import ("All Components") tab

  • You can quickly refresh the full_comp_import tab via "Component Editor - Reload Components from AA". That takes less than a minute for a medium-sized account with 3-4 VRS. This is especially useful when you do changes (e.g. name changes) and quickly want to get the freshest data, because the Component Usage tab usually takes a lot longer to refresh as it does many more calculations.

  • Even though the full_comp_import has a lot less columns than the Componen Usage tab, it still shows you many more columns than the Component Editor tab's "Component Viewer", e.g. the very useful VRS columns or additional "owner" columns.

  • You have way more space than in the other component tabs, e.g. to add temporary columns with your own formulas for efficient editing or own queries (note that these may be removed again when you reload the components.

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