Project Schedules

Get your workpace project schedules, filter by owner, or see which schedules have expired and when.

With daily scheduled projects now (since January 2023) expiring after a month already, it is easy to miss expired project schedules.

However, in Adobe Analytics, only Admins can see their expired project schedules, i.e. projects delivered via CSV or PDF to users via email on a regular basis. Non-Admin users can only see their running, but not their expired schedules!

With the Component Manager, you (and whoever you share the Google Sheet with) can see all schedules, filter by owner, expired status, and more.

Simply run "Workspaces" -> "Refresh Project Schedules":

You can now add a filter to the tab and e.g. filter by the "expired" column. See a full list of the available columns here:

  • id: Schedule ID

  • owner_id, owner_name, owner_login: owner (creator) of the schedule

  • projectId: scheduled workspace project

  • scheduledItemName: Name of the scheduled item (=name of the Workspace)

  • description: info text in the scheduled e-mail

  • rsid: Main Report Suite ID associated with the scheduled project

  • tags: Tags given to the schedule

  • tasks: A JSON object containing further details, like the recipients of the schedule

  • modified: last time the schedule was modified

  • rsLocalStartTime: date in your Report Suite's timezone when the schedule started

  • rsLocalExpirationTime: date in your Report Suite's timezone when the schedule will expire or has expired

  • triggerObject: details on the sending frequency (e.g. daily at 4 PM)

  • expired: TRUE if schedule has expired, otherwise FALSE

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