Required Google Workspace Settings for Installing the Component Manager Add-On

Explains the required settings of your company's Google Workspace account so you can install the Google Sheets Extension/Add-on "AA Component Manager"

If you run into problems installing the Component Manager Google Sheets Extension from Google Workspace Marketplace, try to contact your Google Workspace Admins and give them the following instructions.

  1. Log into your Google Workspace Admin Console

  2. Navigate to the page with the Google Workspace Marketplace allowlist access settings.

  3. Set "Allow users to install and run only selected apps from the Marketplace".

  1. Then go to "Apps list":

  1. Open the "Allowlist App" tab. Then search for "AA Component Manager" and select the add-on below:

  2. Then Select "Everyone" or specific user groups that should be allowed to install the app:

  1. The Component Manager should now show under "Allowlisted Apps" and users should be able to install the app.

It can a couple of minutes for the settings to be effective. If it still does not work, log out of your Google account, delete cookies, and log in again.

Still not working?

In rare occasions, your organization's network might block requests to certain Google URLs. In rare occasions, browser plugins like Ad Blockers can also harm the experience.

  • Try disabling the ad blocker.

  • Try in another browser without plugins

  • Try on a private computer or/and with a private Google account. If that works, it is due to your org's network settings.

You can always contact us at We like to help, and we are usually fast.

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