Updating the Code Library

Step-by-Step Guide on how to update the Component Manager library when a new version is released.

Update Jan 2023: This process is no longer needed. Please migrate to the official Add-on!

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The "library" is the Google Apps Script code that runs in the background. Unfortunately, Google Sheets does not offer a smooth "update roll-out" process at the moment, so you need to manually update your sheet occasionally.

Check your Library version by clicking on "Other -> Check Version".

You will get either of these messages if your version is not the latest:

If you want to (or have to ;)) update the library, do the following:

1) Click "Extensions" -> "Apps Script"

2) On the left-hand side, click "libComponentEditor"

3) Choose the newest version, e.g. 33 in this example. Do NOT choose "HEAD (Development mode)":

4) Reload the Google Sheet (not the AppsScript page). You can then verify via "Other -> Check for Update" that you are up to date.

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